Describing something American as minimal may seem sarcastic at a first glance. We are used to big things coming out of the U.S. be it in clothing, cars, food portions, ideas, movie productions, you name it. Though there is a distinct minimal element to the casual traditional American way of dressing.  Few pieces purelly practical, used either for their warmth or efficiency and durability, the dress-code of the cowboy and lumberjack, of the wilderness explorer.   5D4A1274_ok

In the days we living there is not a whole lot of wilderness left. Our cities though have become much like jungles, thus calling for a new breed of adventurer to emerge. One that can carry on the torch our forebearers both in spirit and practice. Thus the clothes of old become relevant to the present day. through their simplicity and familiar lines they bridge the gap between the old and the new in a perfect and elegant way.  5D4A1192_ok

A flannel shirt paired with heavy cotton chino pants and a denim jacket with sherpa linning over your shoulders can make you feel at home, regardless of your suroundings. Simple and practical meet, classic and sharp in an outfit that combines the best of both worlds. Instead of the time-worn sturdy leather boots of the usual cowboy, I prefer to wear my skate-hi’s. I don’t get as many opportunities to ride a horse as I get to ride my board, nowdays. 5D4A1212_ok

Riding might have changed in the urban landscape to boards and  bikes, but the rider has essentially remained the same. The look, the feel and the clothes all follow the same path of cool essential simplicity. Minimalism handed down from one generation to the next, serving the same purpose of freedom and expression.  5D4A1167_ok

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