The homeless/punk aesthetic of distressed clothing has grown into a cult the last couple of years. Normally you wouldn’t even consider of going out with a sweatshirt filled with holes but today it is considered normal. Distressed fashion is on a rise and not only because of it’s musical or socio-political references. _MG_1845OK_MG_1850OKTattered and torn clothes contibute an element of authenticity and a down to earth feeling in an outfit. They help tonning down formal-ware lending an aura of casuallity and playfullness. A prime example of this kind of styling is pairing a blazer and shirt with torn jeans. Easy to wear, smart yet casual at the same time._MG_1871OK_MG_1839OKCombining pieces fomr different sides of fashion in order to take advantage, of their individual streanghts  is nice and all, but what happens if you wanna wear all your distressed clothing together? Well inmy honest opinion DON”T DO IT. Unless you are a rockstar so it’s fine. Seriously though don’t. Try wearing a single big piece that is torn to shreds. Everyones loves black skinny torn jeans but, it is quite different visual effect  if you pair them with a shirt or T-shirt, than with an also distressed crewneck for example.

You wouldn’t an old lady lending you a couple of quorters thinking your homeless now, would you?


Hoodie: Sneak Aces

Jeans: Represent Clothing

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