Shorst may be considered a standard garment of everybody’s  summer closet but that wasen’t always the case. Shorts have their origin in late 19th and early 20th century school uniforms. Aside from seperating men form boys they served a practical purpsose since youngsters tend to dirty their clothes more often , so shorts saved some time at the cleaners. That all changed with World War 2. A lot of soldiers got assigned to fronts with a tropical climate thus leading to them wearing shorts. That got shorts to get “accepted” as part of an adults wardrobe and changed forever the perception of childness and immaturity they used to have. _MG_1748OK_MG_1764OKGrown men beeing seen in shorts is one thing, wearing them properly is quite another. Most people tend not to pay attention to how or when to wear shorts. Basically you wear shorts when the weather allows you too, meaning it is suffieciently hot to do so and when you are not attending an overly formal event or occasion.

As long as wearing them is concerned first you go to choose how long you want you shorts to be. There are some prety short ones as I previously described and some pretty long ones that reach all the way dow to your ankle. In my opinion knee-high and a couple of inches above the knee is the best lenght but your personal refferance may differ. Then you got to choose the style.

There are simple shorts like the ones I am wearing in this shoot and more extravagant and flashy with more pockets, patterns or overly more complex. Be weary that the style and also the color you choose also affects the formality of you total outfit so choose according to your plans.

Now what to pair them with. Most people would pair shorts with a T-shirt, a pair of sneakers and get out the door, but I think we can be smarter than that. I like antithesis, so my favorite way of wearing shorts is with a long-sleeve shirt or T-shirt. Playing with revealing and hiding your body is a really nice way to “smarten-up” a rather caual and common piece of clothing. Especially wearing an Oxford shirt really enchances the whole “feel” of your outfit.

_MG_1757OK_MG_1735OKGetting lower, not any shoe will do. Low-top shoes with short socks work the best here. You can use high-top sneakers and boots if you like but, be mindfull that the rest of your stylistic choices must be according to your footwear. I have used low-sneakers with min-length socks because I like the whole schoolboy/boyscout look.

As a final piece of advice i would like to stress one important visual trap of wearing shorts. The “chicken-leg” effect. That happens because shorts add volume only to the top part of your legs, so choosing an overly loose pair magnifies that effect even further. In order to avoid it opt for more fitted shorts that shape and tone your figure.

Longsleeve T-shirt: Vans 

Shorts: DC 

Socks: HUF Wordlwide X Thrasher 

Shoes: Vans Era

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