Street Style, the most uncoventional and hard to describe style category off all. In most other cases like bohemian, romantic, bussiness, outdoors and so on, we can give a clear definition of what they or how they are represented. But what is Street? Is it another word to say casual? Is Street anything that we see someone wearing while walking around in a city? Is it a mesh of punk and rock with a couple of sportswear items thrown into the mix? _MG_1818OK_MG_1780OKHonestly I believe that Street Style is a playground. It is the place were all the old-school styles go to play, mingle and maybe have a couple of drinks. What comes as a result is a fresh look in concepts that we thought of as old or obsolete. Wearing suit trousers with oversized T-shirst and jean jackets, a lbd with sneakers or simply your sweats with a flannel over a hoodie. Casual  sportswear and even more prepy clothes mix in a plethora of new ways and the result is interresting new looks that surprise in their simplicity.

_MG_1811OK_MG_1822OKHere lies the trap though. Not everything that fits the previous discription is a street style look. In other words wearing whatever and putting on a pair of sneakers doesn’t make you a street style aficionado, it just makes you lazy. Go outside your comfort zone and explore some more unconventional stylistic approaches towoards your wardrobe.

Street Style is about always finding ways to wear what you got in a new and exiting way. It never ends and once you get a grasp of it, it becomes pretty fun.

Re-imagine. Re-invent. Create.


T-Shirt: XbyO for Adidas Originals

Sweatpants: Adidas

Shoes: Steve Maden

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