Oversized. The cozy, easy to wear winter trend. But aside from wool sweaters and coats, blowing things out of proportion is a global trend. In the fashion industry the “making things bigger” movement translates into making clothes that are in some ways disproportionate to the wearer. Longer sleeves, more lenght on the waistline, huge hoods. In sort no need to buy one size bigger anymore in order to look more hood or street. The designers have your back!

From a stylistic point of view there are two ways of matching oversozed clothes. The first is big and small. Use only one oversized piece and fitting pieces for the rest of your outfit. For example match an oversized T-shir or hoodie with skinny pants. The opposite also aplies. The second option is going full oversized. But if you don’t want to end up looking like Morgan Spurlok in “Super Size Me” you should carefully choose your outfit. A monochormatic or tone to tone outfit would achieve the prefered look in a classy and more minimalistic way.5d4a8561ok_505d4a8560ok_50Always keep in mind that oversized clothing was,is and always will be a big part of streetculture and streetware. But, before N.W.A, Biggie, RUN D.M.C. and a lot of other hip-hop artists, wearing clothes that are bigger than normal has it’s roots in the 1920’s and the women emancipation movement. Slowly women started wearing men’s clothing as a sign of rebellion. As time moved on and came WW2, women had to work in factories in place of the male workers that were fighting as soldiers in the war. So the sight of women in what used to be striclty male clothing was even more common. Designers were fast to recognize the turn of events and how they shaped ,the way people  dressed. That is when oversized as a concept officialy entered the fashion world.5d4a8554ok_505d4a8567ok_50Ever since then, it has been used a lot and by a wide variety of the fashion spectrum. From Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen to Stussy and Kanye West’s  Yeezy Collections. In all it’s iterations, oversizing has reamained true to it’s “street nature”, always used to make a statement, to stress a certain point, to make an impretion.

Hoodie by: N.D.G. Studio (from Dangerous Minds store)

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