White. A color with numerous symbolic meanings and cultural connotations. From purity and innocence to racial discrimination and “white-colar” status, it has a past and not a very “bright” one to be honest. It’s use in clothing dates as far back as the Middle Ages and was used to dress-up royalty. As times went on, white was adopted by a lot of people due to it’s assosiation with cleanliness and healt (think of the white robes of healthcare proffesionals). Then came the industrial revolution and white was used to distinguish an office employee from a manual labour worker who used to wear indigo blue uniforms.5d4a8468ok_50The list of the  myriads ways white has been used goes on and on. Though it has been widely worn in a lot of different occasions, from weddings to mourning ceremonies it remains a tough color to wear alone. Most of us feel more at home in darker, warmer clothes were you can use different tones to enhcnance your own physical attributes.The question though remains: “how can you wear an achromaric color, a color without hue all by itself?”  5d4a8498ok_505d4a8523ok_50A total white outfit is vastly different from a total black one. Feelings aside, the clothes that enchance our image in one end of the spectrum don’t necesserily do the same in the other end. White is bright and bold. It also adds a feel of coldness. You should choose form fitting clothes, that complement your body. White is also a color of choice for elongated clothes, like long T’s. Don’t go too far and start wearing huge oversized sweaters though. There is a very good chance you will end up looking like a snowman.5d4a8506ok_50The best way to tidy up your pristine total-white look, is by adding detail. Small elements that make a big impact. Adding a bit of contrast makes the main color  “pop-out” more. Also it adds some “warmth” making the whole outfit feel more familiar and easier on the eye.


Top: Crewneck Sweater by Sneak Aces

Pants: Biker Denim by Represent

Socks: Stance

Shoes: Filling Pieces

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