5d4a8388ok_50Sartorial is an adjective, commonly used to refer to someone who is well dressed in a suit-up dressier kind of way. Though sartorial is not just a word, rather it is a concept. A way to dress in order to appear elegant and at the same time impress. How can someone be sartorial while at the same time following the aesthetic of streetware you might ask. Well not hard at all! Streetware from it’s nursury days was always made to stand out. For example look no further than   the military-ripped denim-sport gear mash-up of punk  and the oversized hoodies coupled with baggy jeans of hip-hop.   5d4a8390ok_50

Getting expressive with your clothing is one thing, being excessive is quit another. There is a thin line there, that if crossed instead of looking rad you end up like a circous clown. This is where the “fine dressed” part of sartorial comes in. Streetware always had a mix-match character. Though not all mixes are succesfull and not all matches made in heaven. Patterns can be thrust upon a monochromatic or black/grey outfit to spicy things up. Bold graphic T-shirts and bright colours can be matched with ripped denim or darker tones of the same colour(think how different tones of the same earthly colour mix together). Hoodies can be worn alongside tradional raincoats like the ones made by Aquascutum and Burbury.Even a  3-piece suit could be worn with an oversized T-shirt and sneekers! 5d4a8432ok_505d4a8423ok_50

Streetware is an endless creative playground that nothing is prohibited. It is about making a statement and getting it across in a simple and clear way for everyone to see. That is the  essence of  being  sartorial

T-Shirt: GCDS

Suit: Ted Baker


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