“I have said that black has it all, white too. Their beuty is adsolute. It is the perfect harmony”.

-Coco Chanel

Few colors have been used in fashion as much as black and white. It is said that oposites attract, but you don’t see red and blue worn together often, so it has to be deeper than that. All over the world from east to west black and white have been used to represent opposite feelings, occasions, or states of a persons life. Yin-Yang, Good and Evil, Life and Death. Things that widely separate white and black but also keep them tied together. In the end there is a little black in white and a little white in black. 5d4a5328ok_505d4a5331ok_50

It is, the philosophicall aspects of theese two colors that make them, a timeless statement in every aspect of fashion. Harmony is found in the balance between the opposites and if someone seeks it and whishes to find it, they must be a bit carefull. Although black and white blend with each other perfeclty, one should avoid overdoing it. Overloading your outfit with patterns or huge prints is a big no. Try to take a more minimalistic approach and choose one of the two as your base color and detail it with the other.

If you want to use both as a I have done, then  I suggest choosing your shoes carefully. White shoes with black pants and a white T-Shirt will have you look like moving stripes and you don’t want that. I would use shoes of the same color as my pants, with details of the opposite. In that way your shoes contribute in presenting a more comprehencive image and you avoid looking like a  Mime (desclaimer: If you are a mime you are awesome!)5d4a5409ok_505d4a5366ok_50

Keep theese tips in mind and act shy when you walk around turning heads all-over, dressed in fashions timelless color combination.

Longsleave T-Shirt : Supreme x Undercover

Pants: Black Chino pants by Unity

Oversised T-Shirt:Sneak Aces

Shoes: Old Skool by Vans

Socks: Stance x Star Wars

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