You may have noticed while scrolling through your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media, or even walking down the street, that socks have taken on some new styles and looks. They’re colorful, they’re patterned, they even have animals and food on them. Socks and their purpose are changing and people are loving it. GQ has explained that, “Statement socks are like a stylish man’s best kept secret.” 

A secret that every man loves to share. From high profile individuals like George H.W. Bush with his eye-catching pink socks to Dwayne Wade and his collaboration with Stance, to Rob Kaedashian’s new sock designs at Neuman Marcus, socks are now in the spotlight of men’s fashion and are likely going to stay there for a while. In a way socks are taking the place of ties. Being able to wear a pair of statement or bold socks regardless of occasion, coupled with the ever growing variety on colors and prints, truly make socks an essential part of every mans daily dress code. 

Choose your pair boldly!!!

Socks from: Carnage Socks(orange&agreed), Huf x Slam City Skates, Huf, Stance(Stance x Star Wars), Happy Socks

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