Flannel and Plaid. Plaid and Flannel. Pizza and pepperoni. Mac and Cheese. Gin and Tonic.  Just somet thing that are nice when had seperate but absolutelly gorgeous when had together. 5d4a5815ok_505d4a5838ok_50 

Plaid and Flannel are considered by most people to be one and the same. That is a common mistake,  since the two are almost inseperate. Flannel refers to the fabric, wich is made from carded wool or worsted yarn. Plaid is the name of the famous checkered pattern widely used on Flannel shirts as seen above.

The popular mix-up of the two is due to the success of a man named Hamilton Carhart. Carhart is the one responsible for the popolarity of flannel and it’s friend Plaid(in some extent). His brand beeing popular among the skaters, bmx riders and a lot of steet culture oriented people due to it’s steardiness and it’s well built garments, turned a tradional 17th sentury workers shirt into a rebellious fashion statement with a cult following.5d4a5883ok_50


Grunge Rock and Lumberjacks played their role too, in spreading the Flannel+Plaid trend. One of the reasond the red/black Plaid-Flannel shirt is considered an urban classic and a must have nowdays.

But when you think about it it’s not just that now, is it? They are warm, easy to wear(worn with jeans,chinos in formal or casual occasions) and come in a myriad of colors. A perfect choise either for roamming the streets during  the day, or getting your game on during the night.

Red shirt: Sneak Aces 

Blue shirt: Vans


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