A raincoat is a functional, lightweight single- or double-breasted waterproof coat, worn as protection from the rain. One of the most typically British of men’s coats, it was created when Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh patented a waterproof fabric in 1823 and his name has become synonymous with the raincoat ever since. _mg_9828ok_50_mg_9823ok_50History put aside, modern day raincoats offer much more than protection from the rain. Functionality and fashion meet in this unique piece of clothing making a light-weight waterproof coat with a lot of design elements, such as, assymetrical cuts, big logos on the back or front many different colorways, patterns and pretty much anyting you can think off. In any case you view it the raincoat rettains it’s initial minimalistic essence, a simple  cut form, big enough to fit over you shirt or sweater with one piece Raglan-sleeve and the strategically placed ventilation eyelets to allow your body to breathe._mg_9894ok_50_mg_9775ok_50In short raincoats are perfect for adding that touch of minimalistic perfection in your everyday attire, while keeping you dry at the same time.

Raincoat + T-Shirt: Sneak Aces

Trousers: Unity by Haris Ragavis

Shoes: Saucony

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